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Targeted sectors

Yorktown Areas of Activity

With a longstanding commitment to energy investing dating to 1991, Yorktown Partners is highly experienced in navigating the evolving energy landscape.

We deploy a diversified energy portfolio approach. By investing in complementary sectors, Yorktown seeks to mitigate risk and position itself for long-term success in the next phase of the evolution of energy.

Area 1/5

Midstream & Infrastructure

Recent events have crystalized the critical role of existing and new midstream assets in the energy transition. By investing in and supporting companies in this sector, Yorktown facilitates the reliable flow of energy resources and a resilient and efficient energy supply chain.

  • Natural gas gathering, processing, treatment and storage
  • New infrastructure and processing for renewable fuels
  • Water handling, transportation and produced water disposal
  • Carbon capture and storage

Area 2/5

Manufacturing & Services

With investments in this sector, Yorktown supports companies that are competitively advantaged in enhancing efficiency across energy subsectors. This includes opportunities in highly scalable businesses.

  • Development, design and manufacturing of more advanced and efficient industrial components and equipment for conventional and renewable energy applications
  • Support for commercial adoption of new and proven technologies
  • Service companies that facilitate cleaner, quicker, cheaper and more reliable solutions for the supply of energy

Area 3/5

Metals & Mining

The continued electrification of the global economy requires a dramatic increase in the production of energy metals. We believe that the demand for copper, lithium, cobalt and other metals and critical minerals will significantly outpace supply through the transition of the energy industry.

Any supply response from pricing signals is expected to be muted because of historic underinvestment and prolonged greenfield development timelines. Yorktown is focused on “last-dollar-in” projects that commence operations or increase production.

  • We have direct experience operating in all tier 1 mining jurisdictions including the United States, Canada, Australia and Chile.
  • Our team comprises skilled mining experts with vast knowledge in geotechnical and material processing and operational acumen.
  • Leveraging our well-established connections with global customers, traders and transportation partners, Yorktown strives to ensure efficient product management and delivery to our customers.

Area 4/5

Renewable Energy and Energy Storage

The backbone of the energy transition, this sector provides investment opportunities that arise from an industry embracing broader energy solutions. A limited number of investments in this sector have the potential, we believe, to become the grid-scale enterprises of the future.

  • Production and processing of renewable fuels and feedstock
  • Carbon capture and sequestration
  • Advantaged grid-scale battery storage in high-value markets

Area 5/5

Oil & Gas Exploration and Production

Hydrocarbon-based energy is still necessary for the growth and security of the world economy and to ensure better living standards globally.

Yorktown recognizes that navigating the sector requires thorough due diligence and an understanding of the inherent risks. Factors such as geopolitical dynamics, fluctuating commodity prices and environmental regulations can impact profitability. Crucially, Yorktown collaborates with experienced industry professionals who possess in-depth regional knowledge and expertise to identify and capitalize on the most promising opportunities.

  • Successfully involved in all elements of the sector over the past 30 years including conventional and shale basins
  • Activities include producing-property and mineral acquisitions, aggregation of acreage, development and expansion of production
  • Collaborated with management teams to establish and grow companies, leading them to successful exits